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This organization was established in 1976. The only legally recognized Ms Wheelchair California.

Ms.Wheelchair California® 2015

Devina Robles, Ms. Wheelchair California 2015. I am a fun loving, optimistic, thirty-something who believes in progress. Currently a student at Santa Ana College, working on an Associates Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. I plan to transfer to Cal State Fullerton, majoring in Political Science in Fall of 2015. I strongly support advancing the human experience through education, healthy living, science and technology, and the arts.
Interests include social issues, current and historical events, and politics. Planning to use knowledge, life experiences, and interests to make a difference in the world- particularly in the Disabled community, the spinal cord injury community, and among women. My platform stands on a unification of the Disabled community to push issues that concern us: there is power in numbers, and together we can accomplish anything! I am also a Sagittarius, who enjoys long strolls on the beach..

Thank you,
Devina Robles.

“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.”
John F. Kennedy


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