Good Afternoon Mr. Ferrera,
My name is Ruthee Goldkorn and I am the Chair of the CDP Disabilities Caucus, I have served for 20 years on the Executive Committee and for 10 years on the Legislative Committee of Californians for Disability Rights, Inc. (CDR) and for 12 years I served as the President and I am a current Board member of The Ms. Wheelchair California Pageant, Inc., a non profit advocacy and activism organization for the benefit of women with disAbilities and we partner with CDR and other disAbility rights organizations to promote the Civil Rights of the disAbility community.  I have operated a consulting firm for 19 years working with public and private entities to comply with Civil Rights statutes and disAbled access building standards.
I was a member of the SB 1186 working group and have, for many years, worked on and testified on legislation both to advance disAbility rights and oppose legislation that seeks to damage the disAbility community.
I rang Assemblyman Gatto’s office a little before 9AM and left a general voice mail message as
I do not know who the legislative aide would be working on bill AB 1111.  I did not get a call back so
I rang the office just now, heard the out going message that no one was available in the office and
I picked a prompt.  It was yours.  I was unable to leave a message as the recording said the voice mail was not able to take messages and I do appreciate your having your e dress for reference.
I recently became aware of AB1111 from disAbility rights advocate Richard Skaff of San Francisco and forwarded strong opposition to all disAbility rights organizations to which I belong, disAbility rights advocates as well legislative staff of Assembly and Senate friends of the disAbility community.  Never would we believe that Assemblyman Gatto would not stand up for the rights of the disAbility community.  Yet, here we are.
Mr. Ferrera, the Disabilities Caucus and the Party took a strong opposition to this in 2013 with a resolution brought to us by Jonathon Lyens of San Francisco.  We then met with Assemblyman Hernandez who authored AB 2714 which would directly, specifically and expressly prevent what Assemblyman Gatto  is proposing.  Unfortunately, 2714 died before getting to Committee.
AB 2714 would protect our rights and your bill seeks to destroy them.
Also in 2013, the Disabilities Caucus requested an audit of DMV and the parking placard issue from Senator Beals office.  No such audit materialized.  I am sure this is because DMV did not cooperate.  One of the issues we sought to clarify is why DMV does not remove deceased people from the placard records.  If all mortuaries were required to send the same notice to DMV that they send to Social Security this becomes a non-issue and yet this is pointed out as a “major problem for abuse”.  Sure it is, but it is not our fault.  Go get DMV, not us.
Mr. Ferrera, there are no fully compliant on street parking spaces that meet the requirements for number and configuration in any municipality in California; there is no 4 foot wide path of travel in front of parked cars on any street regardless of the type of spaces they are;  there are no mid block curb cuts, there are no accessible parking meters (including the abominations in Sacramento that were installed in 2014) and a disregard for the time it takes to get into a space, out of our cars, on the sidewalk and to our destination is discrimination.
Mr. Ferrera, the disAbility community has said for decades that if municipalities provide fully compliant accessible on street parking, a 4 foot wide path of travel in front of parked cars, mid block curb cuts, accessible meters and do not restrict our time we will pay our fair share. 
This bill provides for none of this so we say a flat out no. Enforce infrastructure and the court ordered on street accessible parking and then we can have a meaningful discussion of how to create the revenue stream municipalities seem so hell bent on obtaining from the disAbility community.
Mr. Ferrera, this bill is disrespectful at best, discrimination at worst and sets up people to get hundreds of dollars in parking tickets they cannot afford and at the very cataclysmic, this will get us killed in the street as we will have no way to get on the sidewalk other than traveling in the street to the corner to back track to the meter.   Everyday, people with disAbilities are killed in every corner of this country because of the lack of pedestrian protections and accessible public rights of way.  California sought to minimally protect the disAbility community and at the same time sparing municipalities the expense of accessibility for on street parking and mid block curb cuts, as well as saving the parking meter manufacturers millions of dollars not have to re-tool their factories to make accessible parking meters.
The fact that millions of people have placards and plates due to the fact the “Kaboom” generation is obtaining them at record rate is no justification to place the disAbility community and the “Kaboom” generation in physical and economic jeopardy.
Mr. Ferrera, if you would be so kind as to ring me, at your convenience, to discuss this bill it is most appreciated.   We need to understand why this bill was written, what the motive is and how the disAbility community can make every community fully accessible so that yes, we can pay our fair share.   That is worth fighting for and the disAbility community will stand with you.