Mr. Ferrera,
Yes, at least one meeting is necessary.  And no, there is no mob mentality but what you do see
is an affirmed coalition of disAbility rights advocates who once again see a bill that will absolutely, positively alter our rights as drivers and those who drive us.  AB 1111 is clearly not for the benefit of the disAbility community but if you believe there is no harm in it, we do need to hear your position.
There was no inference of corruption toward Assemblyman Gatto, Mr. Ferrera but a legitimate question as politics is a money game.  Previous attempts to alter California vehicle code and dilute/eliminate our parking rights have been for the benefit of municipalities needing to back fill
now vacant Redevelopment Agencies and fulfill their promise for public money to build stadiums/arenas for private enterprise i.e. the NFL, NBA and MLB.  Frankly they have enough of their own money that tax payers should never have to pony up a dime!  But that is not the reality as is evidenced in Carson, Inglewood, San Francisco and Sacramento and probably will be in Oakland.  The politics of money drive those bills and the trade groups and the Chambers of Commerce were in the thick of it.
You see where our cynicism comes from.  It is legitimate.  We have a mantra, Sir.  It is
“Nothing About Us Without Us” and your offices appears to have made no effort to contact disAbility advocates or any disAbility community that understands what this bill does.  The prior legislative attempts in Sacramento who threw it to SF who deceived their disAbility commission which led to the activism of the SF Democratic Club and the Disabilities Caucus getting the Democratic Party resolution adopted then AB 2714, all failed.  All of the anti parking bills failed for good cause.
AB 2714 failed to get out of committee for the exact reason we said that municipalities were demanding these bills.  The Committee Chair said it was an “economic development issue”. YES!!!  It was!!!  Is it still?
I should like to propose that a stake holder meeting be set up, both teleconference and in person to discuss this bill.  I will be most pleased to come to your offices and I am sure others from the Caucus leadership, CDR’s Legislative Committee and other interested parties would appreciate this opportunity.  If we can have the schedule of committees where this bill is headed it is also appreciated.
Make no mistake Mr. Ferrera, we are ready to fight but we fight with knowledge and full disclosure.
If there is something we do not know about this bill, please let’s expose it, talk about it and fix it if necessary.
Clearly this bill dilutes if not deletes the current CVC sections for our protections whether temporary or permanently disAbled.  We, the impacted, affected and effected community must know the how and why.
Thank you again for your response and I hope we can set a meeting in the very near future.
Ruthee Goldkorn