Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Activism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 21, 2015 in the assembly 2 bills, AB 52 and AB 54, that aim to take away what little Civil Rights we have left to seek re-dress for discrimination will be heard.  For bill information, go to  Over the past 9 years, attendance at these hearings has waned and the legislators think we either do not care or we are not watching.  Oh, yes we do and yes we are!!!!!!!
All of the policies on IHSS and SSI/SSP, health care delivery services cross over to our rights as people.  Every life preserving system and service provided to us depends on whether or not the legislature hears us.  This is a hinge to those policies. Protect your rights, protect your life.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you can get to Sacramento April 21, p-l-e-a-s-e go.  If you have networks, friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances in the Sac area, ask them to go.  A coordination of disAbility rights advocates led by Californians for Disability Rights, Inc. (CDR) and the Legislative Committee have an alternative to these and the 2 Senate bills winding their way to Committee hearings.  If you want to see this document, please let me know.  We all know there has been an assault on the courts with terrible lawyers doing terrible things to our rights and we are all glommed into that same pile. We aim to separate out the opportunities for these types of actions and create protections for our community by protecting very small businesses and making landlords responsible.
Ladies and Gentlemen, for years we have been saying “I can’t afford to go” and we all get it.  But you can call members of the Judiciary Committee, you can fax but please know that e mails from out of a district are automatically rejected by the system so do not send an e mail to a legislator out of your area.  Your voice is what is important not just being in the room.  However, seeing a hundred people with disAbilities lining that wall ready to speak is important.
Ladies and Gentlemen, “Nothing About Us without Us” is a great slogan that means very little to legislators and public policy makers unless we show up and participate.
If you can go, I would like to have a list of those who will be so please notify me if you are going and if you are sending to any of your networks, I would like to know this as well. Coordination is important.
Thank you and I hope to see you or know that they hear you in Sacramento.
Ruthee Goldkorn
Chair, CDP Disabilities Caucus