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CDCAN REPORT (OCT 10 2015): Breaking News – Governor Vet…

The list of bills vetoed by the Governor that are devastating to our community is long. IHSS bills, accessibility bill, environmental bills, tax credits to make our homes safer bills…the Governor does not seem to have a gasp of the obvious.  People with disAbility are in need of an “Up Grade”.  We are not going to […]

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One Bad Bill

Tuesday July 14, 2015: Well, not for 9 months of trying, Senator Roth is crowing and strutting along with his sponsors. This ugly horrible bill set up the disAbility community to have zero value what so ever and set the foundation for more minorities losing ground.

I have a little background.  His wife got one of those […]

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All Hands on Deck

Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Activism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 21, 2015 in the assembly 2 bills, AB 52 and AB 54, that aim to take away what little Civil Rights we have left to seek re-dress for discrimination will be heard.  For bill information, go to www.leginfo.ca.gov.  Over the past 9 years, attendance at these hearings has waned […]

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AB 2714 to AB 1111

Mr. Ferrera,

Yes, at least one meeting is necessary.  And no, there is no mob mentality but what you do see
is an affirmed coalition of disAbility rights advocates who once again see a bill that will absolutely, positively alter our rights as drivers and those who drive us.  AB 1111 is clearly not for the benefit […]

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US Supreme Court Rules 5-4 That Medicaid Funded Providers & Recipients Do Not Have Right To Sue In Court Under Medicaid Laws – Must Use CMS Administrative Process To Raise Concerns on Cuts & Reimbursement Rates.



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AB 1111

Good Afternoon Mr. Ferrera,

My name is Ruthee Goldkorn and I am the Chair of the CDP Disabilities Caucus, I have served for 20 years on the Executive Committee and for 10 years on the Legislative Committee of Californians for Disability Rights, Inc. (CDR) and for 12 years I served as the President and I am a current […]

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SB 128 would legalize physician-assisted suicide in CA.  Pope Francis reminds us, “The biblical commandment to honor our parents reminds us in a broader sense of our duty to honor all elderly people”.  Take action now to protect the elderly and those with disabilities.  Visit archly.org/sb128 to learn more.  Contact your legislators and get involved.

Author […]

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Our community.

This blog is for the issues in our community.
Regarding SB 128

IHSS Consumers Union
First, the disAbility community has not come together on this subject never mind this bill.  Few people are opposed to choice in the right to live or die as a concept.  The bill is the problem.  The motive for the bill is a […]

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