Tuesday July 14, 2015: Well, not for 9 months of trying, Senator Roth is crowing and strutting along with his sponsors. This ugly horrible bill set up the disAbility community to have zero value what so ever and set the foundation for more minorities losing ground.
I have a little background.  His wife got one of those extortion letters and she wanted us to pay.  And boy, have we ever.  NO damages under specific circumstances with ZERO regard to our human dignity.
Amnesty under specific circumstances for HUGE businesses, and yes in my opinion 100 employees is the exact OPPOSITE of a micro business thus is huge in comparison.
The California Chambers of Commerce LIED.  Again.  At least they are consistent. The representative of Consumer Attorneys of California will have to face their membership for this egregious act of pushing for restrictions on our Civil Rights.
So, read the bill carefully; contact a disAbility rights attorney or the lead negotiator for CDR pushing back against the bill Tony Goldsmith and get the facts of what to do when you are discriminated against.  A good lawyer will protect you, a great lawyer will get your rights enforced.  Chose wisely.
We may as well face the facts that the current (and since 2008) crop of legislators do not care about disAbility rights.  We need new legislators!!  We need to vette our candidates better and ask better questions.  We must take responsibility for getting people who understand that Civil Rights matter and business who STILL have barriers are a menace and need to be forced into compliance by every means necessary.  It is our responsibility to have elected officials who give a damn. 
Get politically active and get them out replaced with our people.
It is a sad day and Jesse Unruh, the patriarch of Civil Rights in California is appalled.  Lets do him justice by setting this right.
Fast forward from Tuesday the 14th. to Thursday the 16th. and the next Committee to hear the bill, the Revenue and Taxation Committee gutted his tax credit!  Karma’s bitch and his name is Assemblyman Philip Ting!!!  This committee was having none of this tax credit stuff.  Period.  Roth was to accept the committee’s amendment or it would die.  He took the amendment that gutted the tax credit from almost equal to the federal tax credit, up to $15,000 in a fiscal year down to 10%.  This bill is now nothing but a shell, an empty punitive bill that gives amnesty to businesses up to 100 employees.  That tax credit would have paid for installation of a compliant parking lot or alteration to a bathroom for compliance or lowering a sales counter.  Now, there is ZERO incentive to comply.
Stay tuned, we’re not done!!!  Next up is the Appropriations Committee and the floor vote.  We will keep up the pressure and everyone else should too.

Posted by: Ruthee Goldkorn <knowbarriers@yahoo.com>

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