SB 128 would legalize physician-assisted suicide in CA.  Pope Francis reminds us, “The biblical commandment to honor our parents reminds us in a broader sense of our duty to honor all elderly people”.  Take action now to protect the elderly and those with disabilities.  Visit to learn more.  Contact your legislators and get involved.

Author Unknown

Diane Coleman JD and President/ CEO of Not Dead Yet says Re SB 128:
This is one of our key concerns, as articulated by DREDF’s Marilyn Golden, especially talking about California:
There’s a deadly mix between our broken, profit-driven health care system and legalizing assisted suicide, which will be the cheapest so-called treatment. Direct coercion is not even necessary. If insurers deny, or even merely delay, expensive live-saving treatment, the person will be steered toward assisted suicide. Will insurers do the right thing, or the cheap thing?
Barbara Wagner and Randy Stroup, Oregonians with cancer, were both informed by the Oregon Health Plan that the Plan wouldn’t pay for their chemotherapy, but would pay for their assisted suicide. Though called a free choice, for these patients, assisted suicide would have been a phony form of freedom.
And Oregon is largely white. California has large Latino and black population—where poor treatment is a far greater danger. Health care disparities affect millions of Californians.  People’s experiences of being denied care, pushed toward hospice, etc., need to be told.